Remembering Marnie
At 90 years old, some of my grandmother Marnie Sproule’s memories were starting to fade. I recorded conversations with her to preserve some of her stories before it was too late. Throughout the process, I realised that memories are precarious, and can’t be trusted. Science fiction approaches to memory can offer explanations; of how the Mandela effect and time travel create glitches in our perceptions of reality. But then, how do we hold onto precious memories, before they’re gone? Even though they’re gone? Why are they gone? Are they gone? Are… they… gone, gone, gone?
Full Project
A podcast by Erin MacIndoe Sproule
Story Support by Dawn Matheson
Illustrations by Gillian Wilson
Composition and Sound Design by Curtis Walker AKA blunderspublik
Excerpt from Some Memories About Memory by Devon Kerslake

This project is supported by the Media Art Creation Fund from the Ontario Arts Council
This project is supported by the Market Development Travel fund from the Ontario Arts Council